Our homes are our most valuable and cherished assets. It’s important for us to understand why you love your home as that will allow us to create a strong connection with the buyer. An emotional connection helps buyers fall in love with your property and for the right home, they often pay a premium to get it because you have established the ‘dream home’ feeling. There is nothing more powerful at the negotiation table than an emotional connection and a ‘must have’ attitude.


We combine unrivalled marketing expertise with an in-depth awareness of the most intricate details and major trends. We create a comprehensive marketing approach using print, digital and social media as well as direct mail to reach the largest pool of potential buyers. Drawing upon a wealth of experience and market-specific knowledge, we collaborate with leading professionals specialising in photography, videography, aerial droning and interior styling to recommend the appropriate staging of your home to ensure that it “shows” at its absolute best.


Selling, just like buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. When it comes time to sell you want to get the best financial result you can. Our main objective is to secure the best price possible for our vendors and we have the skills, knowledge and experience to make sure we achieve the best result.


Some say there is no recipe for success, however we have a few tricks up our sleeve: more enquiries > more inspections > more offers > higher price. The ingredients are simple however it’s our method and strategy that sets us apart.


We understand it is a daunting experience which is why we are very proud of our service and the systems we have in place to ensure that it always exceeds your standards and expectations whilst limiting the stress involved. At Team Coomer our service is constantly evolving, improving and developing to ensure that we always provide you with the best experience.


There is a fine art in selling quickly and for the highest price. Like sellers, buyers are also unique and it is a strength of ours to be able to determine their property goals and highest offer. Creating a sense of urgency, an emotional connection and level of competition will ultimately achieve the best possible outcome for you.

providing an unforgettable selling experience
with premium prices...


about us

#TEAMCOOMER is a professional group of like-minded individuals under the

Peterswald for property banner. At the peak of our chosen craft, we bring
homes to life across the greater Hobart region.


Connecting people and property, we show the true emotion of homes.

Through this unique presentation and our market insight, we’ve built a reputation
for improving the real estate experience of buying and selling within the local
Hobart property market.


Our mission is to consistently elevate the standard of our work and continue to be the leaders of innovation. In doing so, we will better serve the needs of our clients by providing a complete level of service.